Miami/FSU preview part 2

It’s Saturday morning about five hours from kickoff for Miami @ FSU.  There have been two major distractions for the Miami football program this week.  Ray Ray having dinner with a possible runner for an agent, and Golden being named as Paterno replacement.  Golden pumped in the FSU fight song in the locker room and the practice field.  I am sure they are more prepared this year than they were last year.

Being a born and raised in Florida, I grew watching this game grow into one of the best showdowns in the country.  I have a lot of hate toward FSU and their football program.  I was also never impressed with FSU as a school.  I will never forget talking so someone who flunked out of FSU and ended up at UCF after going to a JC to get his AA. UCF was business school was more difficult then FSU’s business school, he actually had to study.  I never like Bobby Bowden as a person, and I always felt he was a phony.  I was proven right when he tried to tell a Florida parole board then one of his former players who was convicted of raping a FSU coed, was a good guy.  Oh by the way, the girl’s father who was raped was a major FSU booster.  Now Bobby is just the angry old man, who still is upset at FSU for firing him.  He said he will not go to a FSU game, because he does not want to be a distraction.  PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  Every time I heard in on a radio interview he still talks about being fired.  I don’t just want Miami; I want Miami to run up the score.

Now going away from my personal feelings about FSU and back to writing about the game.  Gameday just put up a very interesting stat about the last several Miami/FSU game.  The underdog has won the last several games game in this series.  I’ll take Miami, the point, and the win.



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