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Hurricane camp opens this weekend

Well it has been a wet cool summer in northwest Georgia and the Miami Hurricanes are going to open camp this weekend.  For the past several years I have been writing on my blog and calling Miami radio stations saying Al Golden was moving the Hurricanes in the right direction.  Last year everyone panicked about losing many players early in the NFL draft.  I said this team will be better without them, addition by subtraction I wrote.  What happened? Miami won the coastal division in the ACC when they were picked to finish at the bottom of the division by the writers.

Now in the fall of 2013 this is the year Miami finally puts it all together and wins the Atlantic Coast Conference.  If the cards fall just right maybe a chance to play in the BCS title game.  I made this claim on a Miami radio station the weekend before last and started a major buzz according to the host.  I am not going to back down from that prediction.  Miami may have the best offence in the nation with Morris and Duke Johnson.  I also expect the defense to improve from last year.

I am going to make a commitment to myself to write something at least 3 to 4 times a week.  I hope I get more people to enjoy the ride.


getting lazy in my old age

A lot of things have happened since my last posting.  Most importantly my new daughter who was born in February.   I will start posting again soon, but I think I want to start posting audio files.  I’m better at talking then writing, & podcasts may be a better avenue for me. 

I am still alive and well!!! Have a good week & go Canes!!

Baby Cane

Well I have been up since 4 am est. Baby Cane is expected to come in a few hours. We are well, waiting for the center to snap the football.

Fisch and other football stuff on my mind

Well I can’t believe I have been so busy I have not been writing or as other people have told me disgracing writing and real reporting.  Oh well, I did not start this to become rich.  I have decided to expand this to other sports but it will mostly be about football.  The Hurricanes will still dominate this blog, I promise.

The biggest recruiting weekend of the season for the Miami Hurricanes, and Fisch moves on to the Jaguars as an assistant coach.  I think one of his professional goals is to be an NFL head coach, and being an NFL offensive coordinator is one direction to get there.  With Khan buying the Jaguars they will start winning and competing next season.  They have been a doormat of a franchise for several years.  The previous owner did not have the money to keep the franchise on a winning level. At least he sold to someone who will not move the team.  The way the city wrote they lease, they can’t anyway.  I still think it is a joke they are going to play a game in London every year. That is like a British Premier League Soccer team playing a regular season game in New York.  Now Miami has to find a new OC in the next few weeks.  With the talent that is on the roster now, it will not be difficult.  The bottom line is Al Golden is the man in charge, and that is what matters.

As far as recruiting goes it looks okay considering the number of scholarships they have to give out.  They are one of the youngest teams in the college football and with the NCAA removing some is the reason for it.  Olsen is a key signing for the future at quarterback.  They are also going to sign a few JC players on the defensive side of the ball.  We should know most of the signees before signing day.  Miami may be able to switch a few commitments from other schools?  It should be interesting.




Henderson makes more news

Well the truth just came out that Henderson was in a car accident and was injured with a concussion.  He also had an expired license and did not have it with him when requested by the police after it happened.  It just makes me wonder if he is really it.  He has lost a tremendous amount of weight and looks in great shape.  He has never improved since his freshman year where he was an all-American freshman.  I am just waiting for the next issue with him, and see if Golden will let him go like Ray Ray.

I’m kind of getting sick or having to blog about player issues.  I will write something about camp later this weekend.




Ray-Ray suing to get back with the U

You have to be kidding me!! Ray Armstrong is suing the University of Miami to get back on the team. The bottom line is he was told to stay away from the agent after having dinner with them last fall. He was suspended for one game because of it. He lied to Al Golden about being on the motel room this summer. Armstrong has only himself to blame for being removed from the football team.

August 6th camp report

Well the big news is Henderson showed up to camp at 315 pounds today.  This is good news physically for the Hurricanes, but there is still a mystery why he showed up so late to camp.  He had to attend a funeral home in Minnesota last weekend.  It was excused by coach Golden, but he was expecting him in camp on Sunday.  Golden said he did not know where he was when he talked to reporters.  I don’t what the deal was, but I was wondering if he was going to transfer to the University of Minnesota.  Hopefully he will improve from where he was his freshman year.

Rain has already been a factor in the first few days of practice.  If Miami is going to open a new Athletic center why not also build an indoor practice facility?  It is strange that only UCF is the only one in the state of Florida with one. I’m just thinking out loud.

Maybe of the Miami players are already saying Morris is going to be the starting quarterback.  Some people felt he should have been starting over J12 last season.  I think part of the reason was Morris did not grasp the play book and he was not in “U tough enough” shape.  There are 28 days till the first game at BC, nothing has been decided.  Yet!!!


camp opens up on Friday

The University of Miami football team opens summer camp this Friday.  For the second year in a row Yahoo sends a black cloud over the practice fields.  This year they said a runner was illegally recruiting for Al Golden.  Several days later Dan Sileo said the story was bought by Yahoo from a former university employee Golden fired.  It seems like Yahoo has an ax to grind against the football program.  I have said for months Miami should sue Yahoo before the NCAA makes a decision.  If they prove Yahoo paid for the story about Golden, the creditability of last year’s story goes out the window.

Golden seemed to have been able to defect the story during the ACC meetings this past week.  He also received commitments from two 4 star defensive backs.  Looks like the recruits are trusting Golden, not Yahoo.  What I was most surprised at was ESPN reporter Heather Dinich defended Golden.  When the smoke clear the NCAA will give the same sanction Ohio State received.

With camp opening up hopefully I can write and talk about football.  Due to my real job I have been traveling a lot.  I may mix in an audio article and she how it fly’s.  Maybe I’ll get 20 people to read my blog by the end of the year.


Looking forward to spring

Well the season is over and I am getting adjusted not getting ready for a Miami games every weekend.    I was thinking about writing a breakdown of the season and grades for each position.  With all the good writers in the Miami area, they have done it over the last week.  Manny wrote a great blog about a few weeks ago.  It may have the best thing I have ever read from him.

I am still not sure where I am going with this blog in the off season.  I am going to write about recruiting from time to time, and on national signing day.  My issue with that is several of the players have not qualified to get in Miami, and will not know until June if they have.  I think a player should not be able to sign with a school, until he had qualified to inter the university.  There will be a handful that will be going to starting classes at Miami in January and practice in the spring.  I will write at least once week during spring practice and have a spring preview as well.  The spring game is going to be on April 14, hopefully the game will be at JRS.  I’m tired of watching the game on CSS on low def TV, and seeing it played in a high school stadium.

Well if I don’t write anything until after XMAS, have a good holiday season




No bowl for Miami

Like  I have been saying for months now, Miami is not going to a bowl.  This is the best decision by the university in the long run.  Miami has a good recruiting class coming in this year.  Al Golden has stated that he will not lose any scholarships this year.  As of this morning he had 30 recruits for the 2012 class and his staff is hitting the recruiting road Sunday morning.

Hopefully the rest of the NCAA sanctions will be announced by March or April.  I expect Miami to lose 9-15 scholarships over the next three years.  I also think the NCAA will go after the former assistant coaches and AD’s who allowed this to happen.