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Oline and dbags at the 4 letter

Well the 2nd scrimmage was last night and from what I have read it mostly a defensive game.  With the injuries at the offensive line and Morris out for spring, I don’t we are to see the real Miami offense.

I’m going to right after the 300 lb elephant in the room, the flyer looking for men to try out at offensive line for Miami.  Woody Paige is one of the many douche bags that work for the 4 letter, try to be funny and say all the quarterbacks should transfer out of Miami.  Woody is your basic 4 letter talking head, which never faces the players or coaches he criticized.  Unless they are brought into the studio in a format to protect the talking heads.  I miss the days when Jim Everett physically challenged Jim Rome after Rome called him Chris Everett.  Everett tossed the table, and Rome scurried like little mouse in the corner.     Unfortunately, the Jim Rome show was a foreshadow of what sports media was going to be.  The link is below to watch it again.

Basically Miami needs more practice players, especially on the offensive line.  They have three true freshmen coming in this summer.  Art going to get this offensive line improved before the Boston College game.  I wrote before I thought it was a mistake to bring him back and I think Golden should have fired him after the season.  There were a number of false starts that cost Miami victories last year.  There was reason Art was sitting in Mississippi without a coaching job.


the effect of the NCAA judge on UNC

The NCAA has ruled on UNC’s football program, three years probation, 15 scholarships, and a one year bowl ban.   UNC made a major mistake excepting a bowl bid this year.  The other issue was the assistant coach John Blake lied to UNC and the NCAA about what he did.  The NCAA banned him from coaching for three years.

What does this mean for Miami?  Before the Yahoo story came out, the university was already working with the NCAA.  They suspended players and removed a few as well.  They gave up a bowl bid last year too.  The person, who will not be named on this blog, was shown as a liar and con man who stole almost a billion dollars from investors on CNBC.  While he did some money to some players, but nothing like he claims he did.  The Yahoo story was changed at least ten times after it was first release.  Shannon banned him from being near the football program.  The question will be is what did the assistant Miami do or know?  Miami has been fully cooperative during the NCAA investigation.

The bottom line is Miami will get a few years probation and lose about 9 scholarships.  My hope is the former assistant coaches that were involved are banned from coaching for 3 years.


Henderson suspend again

Offensive lineman Seantrel Henderson has been suspended for the first few days of practice.  This is the second time the junior has been suspended.  He was suspended last spring for the first game of the 2011 season before he had the back surgery.  The rumor was him and former ‘cane and current UCF Knight; Storm Johnson were caught smoking pot by campus police. 

Coach Golden made an interesting comment in his post practice press conference.  He talked about pulling weeds when he should be watering his garden.  The he made a comment sometime you get tired of pulling weeds and you have to get the shovel. 

I think Henderson is on his last chances before being kicked out the program.  I don’t know what changed with him between his freshman and sophomore year?  He looked like he was on his way to being a key member of this team.  I honestly believe Shannon was given the extension to sign Henderson and few other key recruits.  Now it looks like he may go down as one of the biggest disappointments in the last 10 years.

Spring ball starts today

In about an hour the 2012 University of Miami football team will step on the field for the first time this year.  It has been over three months since they stepped on the practice field.  Before I begin there is going to be a new twitter account for this blog.  It will be @gacanefanblog, it will be open to all and tied to a new email address too.

Several writers have said Miami has a very difficult schedule with the three of the five first games on the road. Miami plays several tough teams next year, but they only have one tough back to back game. That being Vtech on Thursday and then going to Uva.  They open with BC, and then go to K-State the following week.  After that they don’t play a tough game till Notre Dame.  Georgia Tech may be the worse team in the ACC next year next to Duke.  Paul Johnson has put himself on the hot seat with his weak defense, lack of a real passing game, and acting like an ass about commitments. He was high school kids to keep their commitments to Georgia Tech and not visit other schools.  The he turns around and try to change kids minds about their commitments to other schools.  He was worn out his stay in Atlanta and will be fired by next December.  The AD for GT may be fired as well after the basketballs teams’ poor year.  I also don’t think NC State will be much of a challenge next year, even though I respect O’Brian as a head coach.  UNC is also going to be down because of the transition of a new head coach and losing several key defensive players.  Miami will have key breaks before playing FSU and Virginia Tech in conference games.  I am not going to say Miami will win all their games, but the schedule is not as bad as being reported.

Coach Al Golden came out with the depth chart which he ranks who had the best of-season workouts.  There wasn’t that amount of surprises as there were last year when he wanted to send a message to the team.  Ray-Ray Armstrong was the only person who made the starting lineup that started last year.  After last season I expect several changed on the secondary.   When new incoming freshmen start practice in August, many of them will press the veterans for their starting positions.  The other position to watch for is linebacker with Spence moving on to the NFL.  The two linebackers for the state of Georgia will be interesting to watch; Kirby and Johnson.  UGA and GT fans were not thrilled when they left the state.

The major battle for spring was going to be Morris and Williams for the starting quarterback job.  With Morris limited in spring practice, that will not happen until summer practice.  James has been listed at the starting running back, but Clements had a far better 2011.  Miller seemed to burn out at the end of games, and Clements picked up the tempo when he got the ball.  Unless something changes I think by the end of spring camp Clements will be the starting running back.  The battle for receiver real will not start till summer ball.  I expect Dorsett and Hurns to be the starters and the end of the year.  The offensive line will be a battle this season.  They have to stop making stupid false starts penalties.  I still have a feeling that bringing back Art, could back fire on Golden.

I am going to try to write when I can this spring.  I really have as much access as the Miami newspaper writers.  They are only allowed to interview players and coaches before practice.  The university records all of them and puts them on the internet. The spring game will be April 14th, on CSS.  Which means it will not be live here in Georgia or the Carolina’s.