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End of another disappointing season

Well here we are again the last game of the year, and another disappointing season.  There is no way Golden can spin this season as anything but a failure.  The fan bases’ hopes have been deflated again.  I felt the season was in trouble after the Nebraska game.  Some more fans felt the same way after the Georgia Tech game, and then the rest of fan base knew the season was a wash after losing to UVA last Saturday.  I can’t even get excited for the game tonight against Pitt.  I look at the seniors and Duke Johnson who will be playing there last home game, and wonder what could have been.  For these young men not to ever play in the ACC title game is a damn shame.  I expect them to have good NFL careers like the players who played for the Canes the last four year.  Somehow the NFL coaches seem to get the best out of the players’ talent, where Miami’s coaches cannot.

The bottom line is Al Golden cannot coach on this level.  He has been out coached time and time again on game day.  He is also too bull headed to change from the PSU 80’s defensive scheme.  He is not willing to admit he made a mistake and correct it.  Another example of this is not hiring a special teams coach, and doing it himself.  Another example is not changing assistant coaches, especially on both sides of the line.  The problem is still deeper than the coaching staff.  It is trying to run a D-1 football program on an 80’s budget.  Good assistant coaches and coordinators are making $500,000 plus a year.  Please do not tell me the program does not have enough money.  Isn’t the reason Miami joined the ACC was to bring in more revenue?  Hasn’t Donna raised all this money in her tenor? The pant suit is the one controlling the money and she never has allocated the funds need to run the football program the right way.  She did the same thing at Wisconsin too. Hopefully the board of trusties will hire a new president that will under the importance of having a winning football program as well as a strong academic university.

The problem for fans of the football program is the University of Miami is in a transition stage.  Even if Miami loses today to Pitt, Al Golden may not be fired Sunday morning.  Unless Miami get embarrassed or Golden makes a major play calling mistake.  Then I would expect the big money boosters to go to the board and demand a change.  This is how Shannon got fired four years ago.  A few weeks ago several former Miami players were willing to pay the buyout for Golden.   We will see if they really do it.


GT game

Well due to illness I have not written much this season.  It looks like I am finally over the hump.  I have my club seats for the game today.  I’m hoping Miami improves on stopping the run.  If not it will be like 4 years ago on that cold night in November where GT seemed to run for 1000 yards.  The bottom line is Miami needs to play ball control offence or makes this game a shoot out.  As much as Miami defense is young, GT’s defense is not that good and has not been for years.  I don’t know if Miami can run the ball 50%+ and keep Miami’s young defense on the sideline.  Morris has to manage the game, but he has not played well the last few weeks.

Going off topic this morning.  I’m tired of hearing radio talk show host that claim to be Miami fans blame Golden and blame the kids.  One idiot on 790 the zone tried to blame Golden, and he was the reason for the down fall. By the way he was a big Shannon supporter.   Dan Sileo went on his rant a few days that exploded on the internet.  He just was demoted from the afternoon drive to the midmorning spot a few weeks ago on WQAM.  You figure a guy who is about 50 years old would lay off the PEDs and the sweat suits.  He is pretty much your typical loud mouth ‘roid head who has bounced around radio stations for the last 5-10 years.  I used to listen to him in San Francisco, but he was told to stop talking about Miami football.  It was not too much longer before he left the station.  He is what the Miami program need to separate themselves from.

The fact is the Miami program is one of the youngest teams in the nation.  It is way too early to judge these kids and this team.  I am going to stay with my pick of winning 8-9 games.  I think the defense will improve.  I just hope it starts today.

Miami @ BC

I have not been keeping up with my blog because I have a lot of things going on in my life.  Some good, some bad, and one major life changing event.  Yes, Baby Cane is coming in 2013.

Looking at the schedule I expect Miami to win 8-9 games this year and surprise the 4 letter staff experts.  The theme for this season is addition by subtraction.  Randy’s players are but gone on the 2012 roster.  I know the team is young but this is not the 80’s where most teams ran and defended the option.  They play pro-style offences in prep ball now.  The players step into a D-1 program are ready to compete.  USC perfected that 6 to7 years ago.

Miami plays BC today, and the Spaz!!!! This BC team is bad, and Spaz would have been fired if Miami beat BC last year.  I expect Morris, Duke Johnson, and Mike James to have big games.  On defense, Chick needs to step up as a leader.  I worry about LB and DB dept, after losing Ray-Ray.  I still agree with Golden to remove him from the team.  Miami corners got killed from the opening game against Maryland and it happened all season long.  The Miami special teams are solid; I think there a few men that can KO punt and kickoff return.

Miami wins by 21, and eyebrows will be raised across the college football landscape.



Miami/FSU preview part 2

It’s Saturday morning about five hours from kickoff for Miami @ FSU.  There have been two major distractions for the Miami football program this week.  Ray Ray having dinner with a possible runner for an agent, and Golden being named as Paterno replacement.  Golden pumped in the FSU fight song in the locker room and the practice field.  I am sure they are more prepared this year than they were last year.

Being a born and raised in Florida, I grew watching this game grow into one of the best showdowns in the country.  I have a lot of hate toward FSU and their football program.  I was also never impressed with FSU as a school.  I will never forget talking so someone who flunked out of FSU and ended up at UCF after going to a JC to get his AA. UCF was business school was more difficult then FSU’s business school, he actually had to study.  I never like Bobby Bowden as a person, and I always felt he was a phony.  I was proven right when he tried to tell a Florida parole board then one of his former players who was convicted of raping a FSU coed, was a good guy.  Oh by the way, the girl’s father who was raped was a major FSU booster.  Now Bobby is just the angry old man, who still is upset at FSU for firing him.  He said he will not go to a FSU game, because he does not want to be a distraction.  PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  Every time I heard in on a radio interview he still talks about being fired.  I don’t just want Miami; I want Miami to run up the score.

Now going away from my personal feelings about FSU and back to writing about the game.  Gameday just put up a very interesting stat about the last several Miami/FSU game.  The underdog has won the last several games game in this series.  I’ll take Miami, the point, and the win.



Duke vs. Miami preview

Coach Cutcliffe has been has coach of Duke for four years.  The common fan does not remember he was the OC for Tennessee, and coached Payton Manning.  He does not have the weapons on offence at Duke that he had at UT in the early 90’s but he is still running the good offensive plan.  Sean Renfree has passed for 2004 yards this season, but only has 6 touchdowns.  The running game is shared by two running backs; Scott and Thompson who have combined 655 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Duke has hung in most games but they are not a high scoring offence.

Duke’s defense has given up an average of 403 yards a game.  But Duke held Va Tech to 14 points last week.  Matt Daniels for Fayetteville, GA is an all American candidate.  His stats are some of the best in the country for safeties.  Jacroy needs to avoid him as much as possible.  Hope fully Streeter will go up against, it will be an interesting battle.

Miami needs to get the running game going.  Yes, I have been saying that all season.  The problem may not be the offence of line but the running backs.  Coach Golden said Miller needs to hit the holes.  I think James is still hurt and he is not the same running back from earlier in the season.  I am hoping to see Clements gets some carries today, at least 10 times.

The defense must play better, especially since Duke can run and pass the ball.  For some reason Miami can only stop an offence that specializes in one or the other.  The secondary has the problem for the last few games.  The corners are getting burned or the safeties are out of position like when Gaines was left out to dry for a 70+ yard TD late against UVa.

Miami should win this game, the question is the score.  Miami should win by 20, but if they win by 10 or less, it will be long practice week for FSU next week.



quick thought

This loss hurt, bad.

UVa @ Miami

We are a few hours away from the kickoff on the game this evening.  Miami basically needs to keep playing they way they have been for the past few weeks.  Make no mistakes, no dumb penalties, no bad turnovers, and no fat guys getting hurt during a celebration.

GT @ Miami

Well I am going to make this a short blog, because I am getting ready to catch a flight.  The bottom line of this game is who runs the ball the best.  If GT’s running game takes off early and fast, it will be difficult for Miami to stay in this game.  GT has the same issue; they have not been able to stop the run since the Maryland game.  A GT loss again Miami, and their season could crash and burn and Johnson may be out of a job.  GT’s defensive coordinator Al Groh was getting hammered on the UVa boards last week after UVa victory.  The UVa fans seem to be happy that he is gone.  To be fair, GT defense has been going downhill since Johnson lost most of the talent from the old GT staff.  When GT lost to Air Force, a red flag was raised.  If GT is supposed to be the master of the option, you would figure they would know how to stop it.

Miami needs to play run control offence and take the pressure off Harris.  In turn, Harris will make the big 3rd down plays and the long passes a huge weapon against GT.  Golden took the offence line to task last week for the running game.  I look for Miller to get close to 200 yards this Saturday, and Henderson to be opening big holes.  The punting must be better this week.  I’m not sure who will be the punter, but they need to pin GT deep on their side of the field. Can someone please step and help Benjamin out on punt returns and kickoff returns!!

Chickillo is going major key to stop the run.  He forced to play early this year because of the number of defensive players suspended this year.  He has played well for being a true freshman.  Again like last week, Spence needs to make the key reads to stop the triple option.  Miami cannot allow Washington to get into a rhythm and make large plays like KSU’s quarterback.  Golden knows Johnson offense when he coached against Navy.  At Miami he had the speed to compete against it.

I still think Miami is going to run the table.  Miami 32        GT 21

1st half analyst

Miami has played the best 1st half I can remember in years. Jacory has been almost perfect half going 16-22 for 233 yards and 3 touchdowns. The defense is still having issues with the running game. Miami needs to force them to pass the ball. Reiner is not have a very good day passing the ball. He did have a good read to end the half.

Miami had been playing excellent special teams. Wieclaw is proving a great replacement for Bosher this season. The kickoff and punt teams have had a very good game.
UNC gets the ball in the 2nd half; they can’t let UNC score and build confidence. Miami needs to run the ball and kill the clock. It’s time for Miller to have another 100 yard day.

UNC game

Today may be the biggest game Miami plays this year.  Usually Virginia Tech or FSU would be considered the biggest game.  In most years I would agree, but since this is such a major transition this year it’s different. Coach Golden made a comment this week that this will be the toughest opponent they have faced this year. Especially, with Quinton Coples on the defensive line.   Former UNC Coach Butch David left a lot of NFL team on this roster.  Miami has never won at UNC; it will be difficult today too.

If Miami wins this game on the road in Chapel Hill, this may start a run for the rest of the season.  Yes, I do mean run the table.  If Miami loses, the season could be wash and maybe they can upset Georgia Tech or FSU.

As for the game breakdown, the key will be running the ball on both sides.  If Miller was on a top 10 team, he would be a top 5 Heisman candidate.  For UNC, redshirt freshman Giovani Bernard had a big 2nd half again Louisville.  Whoever controls the ground game and the line of scrimmage will win the game.  Miami has used over 20 different defensive of players so far this season.  Miami’s defensive line is mostly true freshman and sophomores.  Miami linebacker, Sean Spence is going to need to have a good game if Miami is going to have chance.  UNC’s quarterback, Bryn Renner has a good arm, but he can also run.  Miami has been getting killed the last few weeks with running quarterbacks.

Jacory Harris has surprised me with improvement over the past three games.  The last time he was at UNC, he threw 4 interceptions, with two of them for touchdowns.  He is going to need to play a perfect game for Miami to win.  If he can get the ball to Hurns, Streeter, and Benjamin and let them make plays with their speed.  I’m still wondering if Byrd is going to show up this season.  Long as the offensive line protects him and opens holes for Miller, Miami has a chance.  Jacory said it best, about not waiting till the 3rd quarter to get the offence going.

Coach Golden has been working hard to get this team to believe they can win.  They are starting to buy into it the program now.  I have seen improvement since the beginning of the season.  Golden took a lot of flak for the fake field goal against Virginia Tech.  Not for call, as much using Whipple to fake the kick.  It would have made more sense to run the ball, and make a statement.  I would have kicked the field goal, and got points on the board.

I am taking Miami to win 28-24 over UNC.