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I feel very bad for Jacory tonight.  He should have been removed from the game after third interception.  It looked Whipple was calling his plays again tonight.  He may not be an NFL QB, but it is getting his degree in a few weeks.  I think it’s a joke that people on twitter are taking shots on him.  One person called him the black Jay Cutler.  First of all Jay is an NFL QB for the Chicago Bears, that led Vandy to their first bowls in decades.  Second, so what if J12 was not Kelly, Kosar, or any of the other ring of fame quarterbacks.  All these people calling out J12 saying I hope he got his degree.  How many of these people have a degree or even graduated high school? All those people need to get a life and go back to their job at Winn-Dixie or Wal*Mart.  J12 will be fine, it is the rest of the losers out there taking personal shots at him that have issues.


The day after blog

I have a little time to think about the loss.  I don’t know what game Jumbo Fisher was watching but it was not a classic.  Miami gave FSU every opportunity to win the game.  After Benjamin had a brain fart on the punt return, Miami was never the same.  With Miller fumbling twice the game was over.  Jacory may have a questionable pass in the end zone, but the O-line was not blocking very well and they made 5 penalties.  I still do not like the switching around of the Miami quarterbacks.  Didn’t they try that fours years ago, it did not work that great then either.  Streeter hurt his knee in the game, and could be out for the rest of the season.  Lucky, Byrd was not seriously injured on that hit.

It looks like Miami will end up 7-5 this year.  Miami will play USF at 3:30 on Saturday, in my home town.  I expect Miami to play mostly the young players rest of the year.  Then the season will end with BC the day after Thanksgiving.  Like I have saying for a month there will be no bowl.


Well I just got done watching Miami’s loss to FSU. First thing, the ACC refs are the worse staff in all of BCS conferences.  Every year they seem to get worse and worse.  Second, Miami was in worse shape during the Shannon era then I realized.  Once this class moves on, things will get better.  This is not a slam on J12, but other players just who will never get it.   I also don’t those players will get it in the NFL either.

The best we can hope for is a to beat  USF and BC.  There will not be a bowl game this year.


Miami @ UNC blog

Miami had a very important victory over UNC yesterday.  They started fast, held on to the lead, and made key plays when they had too.  Jacory was the MVP in the Hurricanes victory.  He was 20 for 30 for 267 yards, and 3 touchdowns.  Benjamin and Streeter had great games too.  After Benjamin got the wind knocked out of him from a solid hit from UNC’s Tre Boston, Streeter burned him for a long gain.  It had to be my favorite play of the game.

Miami was not able to establish any kind of a running game.  Miami only had 44 net yards again UNC’s run defense.  They need to get the offensive line back on track for Georgia Tech.  I did not track how many plays Henderson got it but, he needs to start next week.  He blows holes off the line at Va Tech.  I do not understand why they kept going to the running game when it was not working and UNC could not stop the pass.

Miami’s defense showed it still has serious issues.  They allowed 429 yards of total offence, and they were run over in the 2nd half.  Spence had a big game for Miami.  He had 14 tackles and a sack.  He seemed to be all over the field.  He is going to need the same sort of performance against Georgia Tech Saturday.  Olivier Vernon is going to return next week, and he will to play right away and play well.  Luckily, UNC’s coaching staff did not have a scene of urgency in the 4th quarter.  I expected UNC to run hurry up offense, but I guess they had no faith in Renner.

The special teams played well, but Byrd fumbled the UNC onside kick late in the fourth quarter.  Byrd may have played himself on the bench for the rest of the season.  I don’t even think he was in one offensive play yesterday.  Wieclaw has been perfect with field goals and extra points.  He is headed to being all ACC if he keeps it up.

Hopefully some of the critics Golden had had the last few weeks are satisfied with the progress this team had made.  This is going to take some time, but I think the run will start now.  Some of the phones calls I heard on WQAM and the hosts the past few were ridiculous and proved that most radio hosts know nothing about football.  Sid said it best a few weeks ago, I rather be entertaining then right.

The ACC announced the game time for Georgia Tech is 3:30 EST next Saturday.