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camp opens up on Friday

The University of Miami football team opens summer camp this Friday.  For the second year in a row Yahoo sends a black cloud over the practice fields.  This year they said a runner was illegally recruiting for Al Golden.  Several days later Dan Sileo said the story was bought by Yahoo from a former university employee Golden fired.  It seems like Yahoo has an ax to grind against the football program.  I have said for months Miami should sue Yahoo before the NCAA makes a decision.  If they prove Yahoo paid for the story about Golden, the creditability of last year’s story goes out the window.

Golden seemed to have been able to defect the story during the ACC meetings this past week.  He also received commitments from two 4 star defensive backs.  Looks like the recruits are trusting Golden, not Yahoo.  What I was most surprised at was ESPN reporter Heather Dinich defended Golden.  When the smoke clear the NCAA will give the same sanction Ohio State received.

With camp opening up hopefully I can write and talk about football.  Due to my real job I have been traveling a lot.  I may mix in an audio article and she how it fly’s.  Maybe I’ll get 20 people to read my blog by the end of the year.



Ray ray blows it

Well Ray Ray has finally broke the camels back. Al Golden cut him and gave him permission to transfer to another school. The rumor is he was taking benefits from booster and then tweet about them. What a waste of talent and what a major blow to the hurricanes secondary. He was the best defensive back Miami had. Now a younger defense is going to get younger.