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I feel very bad for Jacory tonight.  He should have been removed from the game after third interception.  It looked Whipple was calling his plays again tonight.  He may not be an NFL QB, but it is getting his degree in a few weeks.  I think it’s a joke that people on twitter are taking shots on him.  One person called him the black Jay Cutler.  First of all Jay is an NFL QB for the Chicago Bears, that led Vandy to their first bowls in decades.  Second, so what if J12 was not Kelly, Kosar, or any of the other ring of fame quarterbacks.  All these people calling out J12 saying I hope he got his degree.  How many of these people have a degree or even graduated high school? All those people need to get a life and go back to their job at Winn-Dixie or Wal*Mart.  J12 will be fine, it is the rest of the losers out there taking personal shots at him that have issues.


No bowl for Miami

Like  I have been saying for months now, Miami is not going to a bowl.  This is the best decision by the university in the long run.  Miami has a good recruiting class coming in this year.  Al Golden has stated that he will not lose any scholarships this year.  As of this morning he had 30 recruits for the 2012 class and his staff is hitting the recruiting road Sunday morning.

Hopefully the rest of the NCAA sanctions will be announced by March or April.  I expect Miami to lose 9-15 scholarships over the next three years.  I also think the NCAA will go after the former assistant coaches and AD’s who allowed this to happen.


okay, I’m back

I was not able to write any previews before the game.  I had a family emergency and my Blackberry is no longer working correctly.  I was able to see the game from the 2nd quarter to the finish.  If Miami and USF were SEC teams, yesterday game would have been called this the greatest game of all time. I have to call it what it was, boring and filled with mistakes.

I think Miller is now more concerned with staying healthy for the NFL combine then finishing strong at the end of the season.  Not that the offensive line was been much of a help.  Now it looks like Henderson will be out for the BC game with a serious injury.  More dumb penalties false starts and holds.  I really am starting to think there may be some position coaches changes  in the off season.  Yes, I mean you know who needs to be on the chopping block.  Harris had a good game, and managed the final drive like a senior quarterback.  Clements has been a solid this year, and I hope to see him get more carries next Friday.

The defense did its job against a very bad USF offense. The defensive line did a good job stopping the run, and keeping B.J. Daniels from getting loose.  USF never really put up much of a fight, maybe it was those ugly helmets.

Now Miami has a short week before BC comes to town.  I don’t expect an announcement until next week about Miami declining to go to a bowl this season.  The only bowl representative that was at the Miami game was from the Independence bowl.   If you ever read the anti-BCS book there was a chapter dealing with bowl representatives going to game for a free vacation.  I really thing that is all it was.  The Miami Herald reported that Miami could play Boise State in the game.  Boise State is tied to the Mt West bowl deals.  I don’t know where Manny was going with that blog.  Scout also reported this morning the Miami would play UT in Nashville.  Problem there is UT played in it last year.  Most small bowls don’t want the same team from the year before.  I still say Miami does not go to a bowl, by their choice.  So Miami needs to enjoy the last Miami game this season against BC as we say good bye to the #1 recruiting class in 2008.


The day after blog

I have a little time to think about the loss.  I don’t know what game Jumbo Fisher was watching but it was not a classic.  Miami gave FSU every opportunity to win the game.  After Benjamin had a brain fart on the punt return, Miami was never the same.  With Miller fumbling twice the game was over.  Jacory may have a questionable pass in the end zone, but the O-line was not blocking very well and they made 5 penalties.  I still do not like the switching around of the Miami quarterbacks.  Didn’t they try that fours years ago, it did not work that great then either.  Streeter hurt his knee in the game, and could be out for the rest of the season.  Lucky, Byrd was not seriously injured on that hit.

It looks like Miami will end up 7-5 this year.  Miami will play USF at 3:30 on Saturday, in my home town.  I expect Miami to play mostly the young players rest of the year.  Then the season will end with BC the day after Thanksgiving.  Like I have saying for a month there will be no bowl.


Well I just got done watching Miami’s loss to FSU. First thing, the ACC refs are the worse staff in all of BCS conferences.  Every year they seem to get worse and worse.  Second, Miami was in worse shape during the Shannon era then I realized.  Once this class moves on, things will get better.  This is not a slam on J12, but other players just who will never get it.   I also don’t those players will get it in the NFL either.

The best we can hope for is a to beat  USF and BC.  There will not be a bowl game this year.


Miami/FSU preview part 2

It’s Saturday morning about five hours from kickoff for Miami @ FSU.  There have been two major distractions for the Miami football program this week.  Ray Ray having dinner with a possible runner for an agent, and Golden being named as Paterno replacement.  Golden pumped in the FSU fight song in the locker room and the practice field.  I am sure they are more prepared this year than they were last year.

Being a born and raised in Florida, I grew watching this game grow into one of the best showdowns in the country.  I have a lot of hate toward FSU and their football program.  I was also never impressed with FSU as a school.  I will never forget talking so someone who flunked out of FSU and ended up at UCF after going to a JC to get his AA. UCF was business school was more difficult then FSU’s business school, he actually had to study.  I never like Bobby Bowden as a person, and I always felt he was a phony.  I was proven right when he tried to tell a Florida parole board then one of his former players who was convicted of raping a FSU coed, was a good guy.  Oh by the way, the girl’s father who was raped was a major FSU booster.  Now Bobby is just the angry old man, who still is upset at FSU for firing him.  He said he will not go to a FSU game, because he does not want to be a distraction.  PLEASEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  Every time I heard in on a radio interview he still talks about being fired.  I don’t just want Miami; I want Miami to run up the score.

Now going away from my personal feelings about FSU and back to writing about the game.  Gameday just put up a very interesting stat about the last several Miami/FSU game.  The underdog has won the last several games game in this series.  I’ll take Miami, the point, and the win.



Miami/FSU game preview part 1

We are a little more than 24 hours before the Miami, FSU game.  FSU is a 10 point favorite as of this morning.   Which I think is way too high for this game.  This game is usually decided by 7 points or less. Last year does not count because Shannon did not prepare Miami to play FSU.  Does anyone really know why he is on the ESPN show “Experts”? Most the people on that show are coaches that were losers and or were fired.

Both FSU and Miami have had their ups and down this year.  FSU has not beaten a quality team all year.  They were overrated again this year in the preseason polls.  For some reason the media still have a love fest for Bobby Bowden and FSU, even after he was fired.  FSU has out recruited Miami for the last 4 years.  They have better players, and there incoming freshman have made a major impact.  Nick O’Leary is having a great freshmen season and is the starter.  Miami really could have used him this year. To be honest he would have gone to UGA if he turned down FSU.  He was one of many south Florida high school players that were allowed to escape from Miami.  Thank you again, Randy; you *&&^^%%$. The real question, are they a better team?

I think there main weakness is E.J. Manuel.  I watch him play in person at the ACC Title game, and he did not look very good.  I still don’t think he is a big game quarterback.  On the other Jacory has become the player Miami were hoping for.  If Jacory is on, Miami has a great chance of winning this game. If E.J. torches the Miami defense, the over/under could be 80.  Miami has to play a perfect game on defense.  With Ray-Ray suspended for at least the FSU game. It’s going to force Golden to put Nicolas at safety.  The cornerbacks have been getting burned all season against the pass.  There are only three games left. If the corners are not improved by now, look for Miami to start two freshmen next year.

Everyone has been talking about the missed 4 field goals for FSU that cost them the games.  There really is no advantage in the kicking or most of the other part of the special teams. Except for Benjamin; who is due to have a KO on a punt return this season.  Hopefully it will be on Saturday.

I am will not predict a score until tomorrow morning; I still need more time to think about this game.

Ray Ray must go

Ray Ray Armstrong had been suspended for the FSU game for having dinner with an agent.  It has not been confirmed if he paid for his own meal or not.  No matter what he needs to be released from the program.  After being suspended for several games earlier this season for taking money from Shapiro, he knew better.  Ray Ray needs to be removed from the team and not allowed to come back.  It does not matter if he did buy his own meal; the University of Miami cannot have a football player be this reckless.

Golden is not going to Penn State

When I started this blog I used this as a sounding board for my thoughts on the Miami Hurricane program.  If I know something as a fact I will state it as a fact.  Fact, Penn State is not going to pay a large amount of money for a football coach.  The newly fired Joe Paterno did not make a lot of money compared to most D-1 coaches.  I just returned last week for Penn State for work.  I have worked and know these men for over 8 years.  Most of them have worked for the university for over 20 years.  When I worked with them last year, and they told me the board and the president of PSU wanted him to retire.  The board asked him a few years ago about an exit plan so the program could move on.  Paterno to them basically to go to hell and he was not going to retire.

In my opinion is Al Golden will not leave Miami for Penn State.  He will not take a pay cut to go back there.  No matter what happens in the Shapiro investigation, is nothing to what is happening at Penn State. Penn State will not hire any big game name coach because they will not pay him the average D-1 head coach.  Why do you think Penn State basketball is never been a power house with all the resources at the school.  Fact, Penn State paid Ed DeChellis just over $700,000, among the lowest figures in the Big Ten.  I put in a link to confirm this.

After this scandal, I think Penn State will never be a power house ever again.  The board never wants to have a head coach of the football program to have more power than the president or the board.  I expect them to hire outside the program, maybe a head football coach from the MAC or another small program.


Al Golden has made his first political mistake

I have been extremely impressed with what Al Golden has done this year as head coach of the Miami Hurricanes.  He has the team in the right direction. The players are playing smarter, they are in better condition, and they are doing the little things that are making them better players.  Coach Golden has been open to the media and understands why it is so important.  He has also had reached out to the fan base and brining former players back to the program.

Yesterday he made his first major mistake.  He is telling his players that the FSU game is just another game.  Are you kidding me!! This game is huge to the fans, to the students and to sign big time recruits.  Al Golden as we all know went to Penn State.  He needs to remember another Big 10 coach from the 90’s who felt the same way about a rivalry.  John Cooper coached Ohio State from 1988 to 2000.  He won a lot of games, and sent several players to the NFL.  He had one little problem, he was 3-8 against Michigan.  Those losses cost OSU several chances to play for the National Championship.  The feeling inside the school was that he never understood the rivalry and tradition of the game.   It unraveled for Copper at end and was fired in early 2001.  When Jim Tressel was named head coach at OSU, one of the first things he said in his press conference was beating Michigan.  He put a countdown clock in the locker for the Michigan game. Tressel knew how important the game was to the fans and the state of Ohio. OSU went 9-1 against Michigan in the Tressel era.

I hope this Saturday, Golden understands how important beating FSU means to everyone associated with the University of Miami.