Why are you not writing!!!

It’s been 2 years since I have written anything on this blog. I have even had a few reports on twitter ask me the same question the last few years. Being a father takes up so much of my free time. I have never watch less football then last season. Anyway, such if life with a kid. I may put something up later today. Enjoy your morning.


End of another disappointing season

Well here we are again the last game of the year, and another disappointing season.  There is no way Golden can spin this season as anything but a failure.  The fan bases’ hopes have been deflated again.  I felt the season was in trouble after the Nebraska game.  Some more fans felt the same way after the Georgia Tech game, and then the rest of fan base knew the season was a wash after losing to UVA last Saturday.  I can’t even get excited for the game tonight against Pitt.  I look at the seniors and Duke Johnson who will be playing there last home game, and wonder what could have been.  For these young men not to ever play in the ACC title game is a damn shame.  I expect them to have good NFL careers like the players who played for the Canes the last four year.  Somehow the NFL coaches seem to get the best out of the players’ talent, where Miami’s coaches cannot.

The bottom line is Al Golden cannot coach on this level.  He has been out coached time and time again on game day.  He is also too bull headed to change from the PSU 80’s defensive scheme.  He is not willing to admit he made a mistake and correct it.  Another example of this is not hiring a special teams coach, and doing it himself.  Another example is not changing assistant coaches, especially on both sides of the line.  The problem is still deeper than the coaching staff.  It is trying to run a D-1 football program on an 80’s budget.  Good assistant coaches and coordinators are making $500,000 plus a year.  Please do not tell me the program does not have enough money.  Isn’t the reason Miami joined the ACC was to bring in more revenue?  Hasn’t Donna raised all this money in her tenor? The pant suit is the one controlling the money and she never has allocated the funds need to run the football program the right way.  She did the same thing at Wisconsin too. Hopefully the board of trusties will hire a new president that will under the importance of having a winning football program as well as a strong academic university.

The problem for fans of the football program is the University of Miami is in a transition stage.  Even if Miami loses today to Pitt, Al Golden may not be fired Sunday morning.  Unless Miami get embarrassed or Golden makes a major play calling mistake.  Then I would expect the big money boosters to go to the board and demand a change.  This is how Shannon got fired four years ago.  A few weeks ago several former Miami players were willing to pay the buyout for Golden.   We will see if they really do it.

Should Mark D’Onofrio get fired at the end of the season?

It’s the second to last game of the year today, and the season has more questions than answers for me personally.  What started off with a trip to the ACC Championship Game has turned into a fight for self-respect for the Hurricane football program.  The fan base and some radio talk show host are blaming Mark D’Onofrio the defensive coordinator for the 2nd half collapse.  I am a believer in studying history and looking for patterns and trends.  Yesterday while my daughter was taking a nap I looked my old Phil Steele preview magazines.  Coach Golden always talks about what he did as head coach at Temple.  So I looked the defensive statics of his 5 year coaching tenor.  D’Onofrio was defensive coordinator with Golden at Temple.

I’m going to focus on the last two years of Golden as head coach of Temple.  In 2009 they gave up 1399 rushing yards and 2943 yards passing.  Temple had four teams run for over 150 yards on them.  In 2010 they gave up 1674 yards rushing and 2138 yards passing.  Temple had six teams rush for over 200 yards on them. Temple’s last game of the season, the defense gave up 253 yards against Miami of Ohio.    The loss cost the Owls a chance to play in the MAC championship

In 2013, Miami has already given up 1725 yards rushing with two games left in the season.  I have heard the reasons; the defense is young, they don’t have talent, the NCAA instigation has hurt recruiting.  I understand that it does have an impact, but that doesn’t excuse the poor tackling I saw against Duke and Va. Tech. That is a coaching problem from all the way back to coaching at Temple.  The defense was regressing at Temple and it is regressing at Miami.  When D’Onofrio was at Temple they did not have the NCAA cloud on top of the program.  I know Temple is not Miami, but the MAC isn’t the ACC either. Also keep in mind that nine of the defensive starters were either junior or seniors in 2010 D’Onofrio’s last year at Temple.

Jimmy Johnson said we may not have the best players but we will win with the players we have.  I’m not hearing that from Golden, I’m hearing blame me I am the head coach.  Then Coach Golden, fix the defense starting today against an UVa team that isn’t a strong running team.  If UVa runs for over 200 yards rushing, it may be time to replace D’Onofrio.  It is know that Golden and D’Onofrio are friends, and he will not fire him.  Golden also wasn’t going to bring in defensive transfers from Junior College or 5th years seniors, but he did. For Golden to get this program to the next level, changes will have to be made.

Hurricane camp opens this weekend

Well it has been a wet cool summer in northwest Georgia and the Miami Hurricanes are going to open camp this weekend.  For the past several years I have been writing on my blog and calling Miami radio stations saying Al Golden was moving the Hurricanes in the right direction.  Last year everyone panicked about losing many players early in the NFL draft.  I said this team will be better without them, addition by subtraction I wrote.  What happened? Miami won the coastal division in the ACC when they were picked to finish at the bottom of the division by the writers.

Now in the fall of 2013 this is the year Miami finally puts it all together and wins the Atlantic Coast Conference.  If the cards fall just right maybe a chance to play in the BCS title game.  I made this claim on a Miami radio station the weekend before last and started a major buzz according to the host.  I am not going to back down from that prediction.  Miami may have the best offence in the nation with Morris and Duke Johnson.  I also expect the defense to improve from last year.

I am going to make a commitment to myself to write something at least 3 to 4 times a week.  I hope I get more people to enjoy the ride.

getting lazy in my old age

A lot of things have happened since my last posting.  Most importantly my new daughter who was born in February.   I will start posting again soon, but I think I want to start posting audio files.  I’m better at talking then writing, & podcasts may be a better avenue for me. 

I am still alive and well!!! Have a good week & go Canes!!

Baby Cane

Well I have been up since 4 am est. Baby Cane is expected to come in a few hours. We are well, waiting for the center to snap the football.

Fisch and other football stuff on my mind

Well I can’t believe I have been so busy I have not been writing or as other people have told me disgracing writing and real reporting.  Oh well, I did not start this to become rich.  I have decided to expand this to other sports but it will mostly be about football.  The Hurricanes will still dominate this blog, I promise.

The biggest recruiting weekend of the season for the Miami Hurricanes, and Fisch moves on to the Jaguars as an assistant coach.  I think one of his professional goals is to be an NFL head coach, and being an NFL offensive coordinator is one direction to get there.  With Khan buying the Jaguars they will start winning and competing next season.  They have been a doormat of a franchise for several years.  The previous owner did not have the money to keep the franchise on a winning level. At least he sold to someone who will not move the team.  The way the city wrote they lease, they can’t anyway.  I still think it is a joke they are going to play a game in London every year. That is like a British Premier League Soccer team playing a regular season game in New York.  Now Miami has to find a new OC in the next few weeks.  With the talent that is on the roster now, it will not be difficult.  The bottom line is Al Golden is the man in charge, and that is what matters.

As far as recruiting goes it looks okay considering the number of scholarships they have to give out.  They are one of the youngest teams in the college football and with the NCAA removing some is the reason for it.  Olsen is a key signing for the future at quarterback.  They are also going to sign a few JC players on the defensive side of the ball.  We should know most of the signees before signing day.  Miami may be able to switch a few commitments from other schools?  It should be interesting.




Miami upset over GT

It’s been 24 hours since Miami upset GT yesterday.  I am still shocked, pleased, and more excited about the future for this team.  I am not going to write about the game plan, key plays, or other things about the game.  I just saw a team that would not quit.  I had club level seats from a friend of mine and they were behind the Miami bench. The team never got down, and the coaches never stopped working or teaching this young team.  When Miami got within 10 I knew they were going to win this game.  The GT fans around me knew it too.  GT defense was beaten up all day long, and they quit by the 4th quarter. GT season is over now, and Miami may just shock college football with their season.

Now Miami moves on to NC State, and Coach Tom O’Brian who I have great deal of respect for.  NC State has a very good QB too.  The game will be at noon on Saturday on ESPN U.

GT game

Well due to illness I have not written much this season.  It looks like I am finally over the hump.  I have my club seats for the game today.  I’m hoping Miami improves on stopping the run.  If not it will be like 4 years ago on that cold night in November where GT seemed to run for 1000 yards.  The bottom line is Miami needs to play ball control offence or makes this game a shoot out.  As much as Miami defense is young, GT’s defense is not that good and has not been for years.  I don’t know if Miami can run the ball 50%+ and keep Miami’s young defense on the sideline.  Morris has to manage the game, but he has not played well the last few weeks.

Going off topic this morning.  I’m tired of hearing radio talk show host that claim to be Miami fans blame Golden and blame the kids.  One idiot on 790 the zone tried to blame Golden, and he was the reason for the down fall. By the way he was a big Shannon supporter.   Dan Sileo went on his rant a few days that exploded on the internet.  He just was demoted from the afternoon drive to the midmorning spot a few weeks ago on WQAM.  You figure a guy who is about 50 years old would lay off the PEDs and the sweat suits.  He is pretty much your typical loud mouth ‘roid head who has bounced around radio stations for the last 5-10 years.  I used to listen to him in San Francisco, but he was told to stop talking about Miami football.  It was not too much longer before he left the station.  He is what the Miami program need to separate themselves from.

The fact is the Miami program is one of the youngest teams in the nation.  It is way too early to judge these kids and this team.  I am going to stay with my pick of winning 8-9 games.  I think the defense will improve.  I just hope it starts today.

Miami @ BC

I have not been keeping up with my blog because I have a lot of things going on in my life.  Some good, some bad, and one major life changing event.  Yes, Baby Cane is coming in 2013.

Looking at the schedule I expect Miami to win 8-9 games this year and surprise the 4 letter staff experts.  The theme for this season is addition by subtraction.  Randy’s players are but gone on the 2012 roster.  I know the team is young but this is not the 80’s where most teams ran and defended the option.  They play pro-style offences in prep ball now.  The players step into a D-1 program are ready to compete.  USC perfected that 6 to7 years ago.

Miami plays BC today, and the Spaz!!!! This BC team is bad, and Spaz would have been fired if Miami beat BC last year.  I expect Morris, Duke Johnson, and Mike James to have big games.  On defense, Chick needs to step up as a leader.  I worry about LB and DB dept, after losing Ray-Ray.  I still agree with Golden to remove him from the team.  Miami corners got killed from the opening game against Maryland and it happened all season long.  The Miami special teams are solid; I think there a few men that can KO punt and kickoff return.

Miami wins by 21, and eyebrows will be raised across the college football landscape.