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Miami upset over GT

It’s been 24 hours since Miami upset GT yesterday.  I am still shocked, pleased, and more excited about the future for this team.  I am not going to write about the game plan, key plays, or other things about the game.  I just saw a team that would not quit.  I had club level seats from a friend of mine and they were behind the Miami bench. The team never got down, and the coaches never stopped working or teaching this young team.  When Miami got within 10 I knew they were going to win this game.  The GT fans around me knew it too.  GT defense was beaten up all day long, and they quit by the 4th quarter. GT season is over now, and Miami may just shock college football with their season.

Now Miami moves on to NC State, and Coach Tom O’Brian who I have great deal of respect for.  NC State has a very good QB too.  The game will be at noon on Saturday on ESPN U.


GT game

Well due to illness I have not written much this season.  It looks like I am finally over the hump.  I have my club seats for the game today.  I’m hoping Miami improves on stopping the run.  If not it will be like 4 years ago on that cold night in November where GT seemed to run for 1000 yards.  The bottom line is Miami needs to play ball control offence or makes this game a shoot out.  As much as Miami defense is young, GT’s defense is not that good and has not been for years.  I don’t know if Miami can run the ball 50%+ and keep Miami’s young defense on the sideline.  Morris has to manage the game, but he has not played well the last few weeks.

Going off topic this morning.  I’m tired of hearing radio talk show host that claim to be Miami fans blame Golden and blame the kids.  One idiot on 790 the zone tried to blame Golden, and he was the reason for the down fall. By the way he was a big Shannon supporter.   Dan Sileo went on his rant a few days that exploded on the internet.  He just was demoted from the afternoon drive to the midmorning spot a few weeks ago on WQAM.  You figure a guy who is about 50 years old would lay off the PEDs and the sweat suits.  He is pretty much your typical loud mouth ‘roid head who has bounced around radio stations for the last 5-10 years.  I used to listen to him in San Francisco, but he was told to stop talking about Miami football.  It was not too much longer before he left the station.  He is what the Miami program need to separate themselves from.

The fact is the Miami program is one of the youngest teams in the nation.  It is way too early to judge these kids and this team.  I am going to stay with my pick of winning 8-9 games.  I think the defense will improve.  I just hope it starts today.

Miami @ BC

I have not been keeping up with my blog because I have a lot of things going on in my life.  Some good, some bad, and one major life changing event.  Yes, Baby Cane is coming in 2013.

Looking at the schedule I expect Miami to win 8-9 games this year and surprise the 4 letter staff experts.  The theme for this season is addition by subtraction.  Randy’s players are but gone on the 2012 roster.  I know the team is young but this is not the 80’s where most teams ran and defended the option.  They play pro-style offences in prep ball now.  The players step into a D-1 program are ready to compete.  USC perfected that 6 to7 years ago.

Miami plays BC today, and the Spaz!!!! This BC team is bad, and Spaz would have been fired if Miami beat BC last year.  I expect Morris, Duke Johnson, and Mike James to have big games.  On defense, Chick needs to step up as a leader.  I worry about LB and DB dept, after losing Ray-Ray.  I still agree with Golden to remove him from the team.  Miami corners got killed from the opening game against Maryland and it happened all season long.  The Miami special teams are solid; I think there a few men that can KO punt and kickoff return.

Miami wins by 21, and eyebrows will be raised across the college football landscape.