End of another disappointing season

Well here we are again the last game of the year, and another disappointing season.  There is no way Golden can spin this season as anything but a failure.  The fan bases’ hopes have been deflated again.  I felt the season was in trouble after the Nebraska game.  Some more fans felt the same way after the Georgia Tech game, and then the rest of fan base knew the season was a wash after losing to UVA last Saturday.  I can’t even get excited for the game tonight against Pitt.  I look at the seniors and Duke Johnson who will be playing there last home game, and wonder what could have been.  For these young men not to ever play in the ACC title game is a damn shame.  I expect them to have good NFL careers like the players who played for the Canes the last four year.  Somehow the NFL coaches seem to get the best out of the players’ talent, where Miami’s coaches cannot.

The bottom line is Al Golden cannot coach on this level.  He has been out coached time and time again on game day.  He is also too bull headed to change from the PSU 80’s defensive scheme.  He is not willing to admit he made a mistake and correct it.  Another example of this is not hiring a special teams coach, and doing it himself.  Another example is not changing assistant coaches, especially on both sides of the line.  The problem is still deeper than the coaching staff.  It is trying to run a D-1 football program on an 80’s budget.  Good assistant coaches and coordinators are making $500,000 plus a year.  Please do not tell me the program does not have enough money.  Isn’t the reason Miami joined the ACC was to bring in more revenue?  Hasn’t Donna raised all this money in her tenor? The pant suit is the one controlling the money and she never has allocated the funds need to run the football program the right way.  She did the same thing at Wisconsin too. Hopefully the board of trusties will hire a new president that will under the importance of having a winning football program as well as a strong academic university.

The problem for fans of the football program is the University of Miami is in a transition stage.  Even if Miami loses today to Pitt, Al Golden may not be fired Sunday morning.  Unless Miami get embarrassed or Golden makes a major play calling mistake.  Then I would expect the big money boosters to go to the board and demand a change.  This is how Shannon got fired four years ago.  A few weeks ago several former Miami players were willing to pay the buyout for Golden.   We will see if they really do it.


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