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Well I can’t believe I have been so busy I have not been writing or as other people have told me disgracing writing and real reporting.  Oh well, I did not start this to become rich.  I have decided to expand this to other sports but it will mostly be about football.  The Hurricanes will still dominate this blog, I promise.

The biggest recruiting weekend of the season for the Miami Hurricanes, and Fisch moves on to the Jaguars as an assistant coach.  I think one of his professional goals is to be an NFL head coach, and being an NFL offensive coordinator is one direction to get there.  With Khan buying the Jaguars they will start winning and competing next season.  They have been a doormat of a franchise for several years.  The previous owner did not have the money to keep the franchise on a winning level. At least he sold to someone who will not move the team.  The way the city wrote they lease, they can’t anyway.  I still think it is a joke they are going to play a game in London every year. That is like a British Premier League Soccer team playing a regular season game in New York.  Now Miami has to find a new OC in the next few weeks.  With the talent that is on the roster now, it will not be difficult.  The bottom line is Al Golden is the man in charge, and that is what matters.

As far as recruiting goes it looks okay considering the number of scholarships they have to give out.  They are one of the youngest teams in the college football and with the NCAA removing some is the reason for it.  Olsen is a key signing for the future at quarterback.  They are also going to sign a few JC players on the defensive side of the ball.  We should know most of the signees before signing day.  Miami may be able to switch a few commitments from other schools?  It should be interesting.





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