Miami @ BC

I have not been keeping up with my blog because I have a lot of things going on in my life.  Some good, some bad, and one major life changing event.  Yes, Baby Cane is coming in 2013.

Looking at the schedule I expect Miami to win 8-9 games this year and surprise the 4 letter staff experts.  The theme for this season is addition by subtraction.  Randy’s players are but gone on the 2012 roster.  I know the team is young but this is not the 80’s where most teams ran and defended the option.  They play pro-style offences in prep ball now.  The players step into a D-1 program are ready to compete.  USC perfected that 6 to7 years ago.

Miami plays BC today, and the Spaz!!!! This BC team is bad, and Spaz would have been fired if Miami beat BC last year.  I expect Morris, Duke Johnson, and Mike James to have big games.  On defense, Chick needs to step up as a leader.  I worry about LB and DB dept, after losing Ray-Ray.  I still agree with Golden to remove him from the team.  Miami corners got killed from the opening game against Maryland and it happened all season long.  The Miami special teams are solid; I think there a few men that can KO punt and kickoff return.

Miami wins by 21, and eyebrows will be raised across the college football landscape.



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