August 6th camp report

Well the big news is Henderson showed up to camp at 315 pounds today.  This is good news physically for the Hurricanes, but there is still a mystery why he showed up so late to camp.  He had to attend a funeral home in Minnesota last weekend.  It was excused by coach Golden, but he was expecting him in camp on Sunday.  Golden said he did not know where he was when he talked to reporters.  I don’t what the deal was, but I was wondering if he was going to transfer to the University of Minnesota.  Hopefully he will improve from where he was his freshman year.

Rain has already been a factor in the first few days of practice.  If Miami is going to open a new Athletic center why not also build an indoor practice facility?  It is strange that only UCF is the only one in the state of Florida with one. I’m just thinking out loud.

Maybe of the Miami players are already saying Morris is going to be the starting quarterback.  Some people felt he should have been starting over J12 last season.  I think part of the reason was Morris did not grasp the play book and he was not in “U tough enough” shape.  There are 28 days till the first game at BC, nothing has been decided.  Yet!!!


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