Oline and dbags at the 4 letter

Well the 2nd scrimmage was last night and from what I have read it mostly a defensive game.  With the injuries at the offensive line and Morris out for spring, I don’t we are to see the real Miami offense.

I’m going to right after the 300 lb elephant in the room, the flyer looking for men to try out at offensive line for Miami.  Woody Paige is one of the many douche bags that work for the 4 letter, try to be funny and say all the quarterbacks should transfer out of Miami.  Woody is your basic 4 letter talking head, which never faces the players or coaches he criticized.  Unless they are brought into the studio in a format to protect the talking heads.  I miss the days when Jim Everett physically challenged Jim Rome after Rome called him Chris Everett.  Everett tossed the table, and Rome scurried like little mouse in the corner.     Unfortunately, the Jim Rome show was a foreshadow of what sports media was going to be.  The link is below to watch it again.


Basically Miami needs more practice players, especially on the offensive line.  They have three true freshmen coming in this summer.  Art going to get this offensive line improved before the Boston College game.  I wrote before I thought it was a mistake to bring him back and I think Golden should have fired him after the season.  There were a number of false starts that cost Miami victories last year.  There was reason Art was sitting in Mississippi without a coaching job.

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