the effect of the NCAA judge on UNC

The NCAA has ruled on UNC’s football program, three years probation, 15 scholarships, and a one year bowl ban.   UNC made a major mistake excepting a bowl bid this year.  The other issue was the assistant coach John Blake lied to UNC and the NCAA about what he did.  The NCAA banned him from coaching for three years.

What does this mean for Miami?  Before the Yahoo story came out, the university was already working with the NCAA.  They suspended players and removed a few as well.  They gave up a bowl bid last year too.  The person, who will not be named on this blog, was shown as a liar and con man who stole almost a billion dollars from investors on CNBC.  While he did some money to some players, but nothing like he claims he did.  The Yahoo story was changed at least ten times after it was first release.  Shannon banned him from being near the football program.  The question will be is what did the assistant Miami do or know?  Miami has been fully cooperative during the NCAA investigation.

The bottom line is Miami will get a few years probation and lose about 9 scholarships.  My hope is the former assistant coaches that were involved are banned from coaching for 3 years.


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