Catch up on the Miami football program, recruiting and ACC news

It has been a few months since I have posted anything on my blog.  Between work, and family I have been very busy.  All I can say for now if 2012 is starting to look like a real good year for me.

Now back to Miami football, which I can’t wait for spring ball to start. Spring football practice will start in early March, with the spring game at JRS on April 14th.  I have a feeling it will be live on ESPN U at noon.  The marketing department at the University of Miami has been doing an incredible job with their videos.  With them being viewed on ESPN and UTube, it is putting Miami in a great light.  I feel ESPN will reward the access Miami has given them by showing the spring game live on TV.

Golden has brought in a great recruiting class this year with many of them all ready enrolled.  He has taken care of some major holes especially at defense back.  With the signing of cornerback Trace Howard, Miami have a great shut down corner ready to start next year. I’m excited to see Randy Johnson get some carries next season too.  He looked great in the state title games.  The quarterbacks Miami has signed will be interesting to watch.  They are both going to play spring ball, and have great expectations. Grey Crow is from the area I grew up in.  I have to talk to people in the area that he tried to transfer to Clearwater Central Catholic, but the head coach did not want him.  So he ended up at Countryside High School.  Preston Dewey is getting a lot of praise of being the next great Miami quarterback. I’m looking forward to see them play in the spring game.

Paul Johnson had Trace Howard committed to Georgia Tech, but his threat to pull the offer for visiting Miami turned him off.  A local radio host in Atlanta said it best about Paul Johnson.  Johnson wants his kids to keep their commitment to Georgia Tech and not take any other visits.  Yet Johnson has no issues going after other team recruits who have committed to other schools and takes visits to Georgia Tech.  I expect another 6 win season for Johnson, and for him to be fired by this January.  The NCAA has already started looking into his contacts of recruits during blackout periods.

Miami’s schedule should come out next week.  The ACC did announce that Pitt will be joining the Coastal division and Syracuse will be in the Atlantic division.  There will also be 9 conference football games.  I was hoping Syracuse would be in the Coastal division because of all the former Big East schools in the division.  I am not sure what Miami is going to do for their out of conference schedule.  I expect Florida A&M or Bethune Cookman to play Miami every year.  Then a team from the Sun Belt or C-USA, then some school from a major BCS conference.  It’s starting to look like their will be five major conference with the Big shutting down football if and when they lose Notre Dame.  From there, they could be a four or six team playoff.