Addition by subtraction

With Streeter, Forston, and now Miller leaving is that a good thing for Miami? Other then Miller none of these the players are ready for the NFL.  Streeter needs one more year, and honestly I thought he could be an All-American next season.  Forston just never worked out, not every player coming out of high school turns into a great player.  I also don’t blame Drew Rosenhaus, the final decision to leave for the NFL draft is the players.  I think both players are dealing with seeing their friends they played with a Miami NW and Miami for eight years moving on.  So they feel they are being left behind, so there are moving on.  Miller is going to be the second best back in the 2012 draft.  He should be picked in the second round.  Miami has plenty of back to replace him.  I really like Clements to be the main back in 2012

I think this may be a good thing for Miami, because all of the Miami NW class of ’08 is gone.  Golden is brining is kind of player with the work ethic he wants.  The players he brought in were young this past season, but they play better then the upper classmen.  This will free up two more scholarships Golden can use to replace them.

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