okay, I’m back

I was not able to write any previews before the game.  I had a family emergency and my Blackberry is no longer working correctly.  I was able to see the game from the 2nd quarter to the finish.  If Miami and USF were SEC teams, yesterday game would have been called this the greatest game of all time. I have to call it what it was, boring and filled with mistakes.

I think Miller is now more concerned with staying healthy for the NFL combine then finishing strong at the end of the season.  Not that the offensive line was been much of a help.  Now it looks like Henderson will be out for the BC game with a serious injury.  More dumb penalties false starts and holds.  I really am starting to think there may be some position coaches changes  in the off season.  Yes, I mean you know who needs to be on the chopping block.  Harris had a good game, and managed the final drive like a senior quarterback.  Clements has been a solid this year, and I hope to see him get more carries next Friday.

The defense did its job against a very bad USF offense. The defensive line did a good job stopping the run, and keeping B.J. Daniels from getting loose.  USF never really put up much of a fight, maybe it was those ugly helmets.

Now Miami has a short week before BC comes to town.  I don’t expect an announcement until next week about Miami declining to go to a bowl this season.  The only bowl representative that was at the Miami game was from the Independence bowl.   If you ever read the anti-BCS book there was a chapter dealing with bowl representatives going to game for a free vacation.  I really thing that is all it was.  The Miami Herald reported that Miami could play Boise State in the game.  Boise State is tied to the Mt West bowl deals.  I don’t know where Manny was going with that blog.  Scout also reported this morning the Miami would play UT in Nashville.  Problem there is UT played in it last year.  Most small bowls don’t want the same team from the year before.  I still say Miami does not go to a bowl, by their choice.  So Miami needs to enjoy the last Miami game this season against BC as we say good bye to the #1 recruiting class in 2008.


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