The day after blog

I have a little time to think about the loss.  I don’t know what game Jumbo Fisher was watching but it was not a classic.  Miami gave FSU every opportunity to win the game.  After Benjamin had a brain fart on the punt return, Miami was never the same.  With Miller fumbling twice the game was over.  Jacory may have a questionable pass in the end zone, but the O-line was not blocking very well and they made 5 penalties.  I still do not like the switching around of the Miami quarterbacks.  Didn’t they try that fours years ago, it did not work that great then either.  Streeter hurt his knee in the game, and could be out for the rest of the season.  Lucky, Byrd was not seriously injured on that hit.

It looks like Miami will end up 7-5 this year.  Miami will play USF at 3:30 on Saturday, in my home town.  I expect Miami to play mostly the young players rest of the year.  Then the season will end with BC the day after Thanksgiving.  Like I have saying for a month there will be no bowl.

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