Golden is not going to Penn State

When I started this blog I used this as a sounding board for my thoughts on the Miami Hurricane program.  If I know something as a fact I will state it as a fact.  Fact, Penn State is not going to pay a large amount of money for a football coach.  The newly fired Joe Paterno did not make a lot of money compared to most D-1 coaches.  I just returned last week for Penn State for work.  I have worked and know these men for over 8 years.  Most of them have worked for the university for over 20 years.  When I worked with them last year, and they told me the board and the president of PSU wanted him to retire.  The board asked him a few years ago about an exit plan so the program could move on.  Paterno to them basically to go to hell and he was not going to retire.

In my opinion is Al Golden will not leave Miami for Penn State.  He will not take a pay cut to go back there.  No matter what happens in the Shapiro investigation, is nothing to what is happening at Penn State. Penn State will not hire any big game name coach because they will not pay him the average D-1 head coach.  Why do you think Penn State basketball is never been a power house with all the resources at the school.  Fact, Penn State paid Ed DeChellis just over $700,000, among the lowest figures in the Big Ten.  I put in a link to confirm this.

After this scandal, I think Penn State will never be a power house ever again.  The board never wants to have a head coach of the football program to have more power than the president or the board.  I expect them to hire outside the program, maybe a head football coach from the MAC or another small program.


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