Al Golden has made his first political mistake

I have been extremely impressed with what Al Golden has done this year as head coach of the Miami Hurricanes.  He has the team in the right direction. The players are playing smarter, they are in better condition, and they are doing the little things that are making them better players.  Coach Golden has been open to the media and understands why it is so important.  He has also had reached out to the fan base and brining former players back to the program.

Yesterday he made his first major mistake.  He is telling his players that the FSU game is just another game.  Are you kidding me!! This game is huge to the fans, to the students and to sign big time recruits.  Al Golden as we all know went to Penn State.  He needs to remember another Big 10 coach from the 90’s who felt the same way about a rivalry.  John Cooper coached Ohio State from 1988 to 2000.  He won a lot of games, and sent several players to the NFL.  He had one little problem, he was 3-8 against Michigan.  Those losses cost OSU several chances to play for the National Championship.  The feeling inside the school was that he never understood the rivalry and tradition of the game.   It unraveled for Copper at end and was fired in early 2001.  When Jim Tressel was named head coach at OSU, one of the first things he said in his press conference was beating Michigan.  He put a countdown clock in the locker for the Michigan game. Tressel knew how important the game was to the fans and the state of Ohio. OSU went 9-1 against Michigan in the Tressel era.

I hope this Saturday, Golden understands how important beating FSU means to everyone associated with the University of Miami.

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