Duke vs. Miami preview

Coach Cutcliffe has been has coach of Duke for four years.  The common fan does not remember he was the OC for Tennessee, and coached Payton Manning.  He does not have the weapons on offence at Duke that he had at UT in the early 90’s but he is still running the good offensive plan.  Sean Renfree has passed for 2004 yards this season, but only has 6 touchdowns.  The running game is shared by two running backs; Scott and Thompson who have combined 655 yards and 7 touchdowns.  Duke has hung in most games but they are not a high scoring offence.

Duke’s defense has given up an average of 403 yards a game.  But Duke held Va Tech to 14 points last week.  Matt Daniels for Fayetteville, GA is an all American candidate.  His stats are some of the best in the country for safeties.  Jacroy needs to avoid him as much as possible.  Hope fully Streeter will go up against, it will be an interesting battle.

Miami needs to get the running game going.  Yes, I have been saying that all season.  The problem may not be the offence of line but the running backs.  Coach Golden said Miller needs to hit the holes.  I think James is still hurt and he is not the same running back from earlier in the season.  I am hoping to see Clements gets some carries today, at least 10 times.

The defense must play better, especially since Duke can run and pass the ball.  For some reason Miami can only stop an offence that specializes in one or the other.  The secondary has the problem for the last few games.  The corners are getting burned or the safeties are out of position like when Gaines was left out to dry for a 70+ yard TD late against UVa.

Miami should win this game, the question is the score.  Miami should win by 20, but if they win by 10 or less, it will be long practice week for FSU next week.



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