It’s the night before the Duke and homecoming for Miami alumni.  I have just back from being on the road again.  I’m not getting paid to write this blog, if I did I would owe people money.  The big story this week was Al Golden’s rumored pay raise and contract extension.  Omar Kelly of the Miami Herald made comments on WQAM that he should not get a raise and he knew about the Shapiro investigation.  I think he may have known something, but not the existent of the lies Shapiro was going to claim in the Yahoo report.  I think he will get an extra year on his contract and a raise for every year of probation Miami is going to get.  I reported this a few weeks ago, and called in on WQAM about it after the Kansas State loss; Miami will turn down a bowl game this year.  The post game radio staff said why should they? I told them that they will take the bowl loss now, like the Tennessee basketball program did and get a lesser punishment later.  I honestly think the NCAA is going to go after the people the comment the acts, and not just punish the university after those people leave.  Unless the acting AD or president of the university knew about the situation and either lied about it or did nothing to stop it.  The NCAA is fight to survive as an organization.

I just returned from working at Penn State, and Al Golden is not going to be coaching there next year.  Jo Pa will not resign and the university cannot fire him.  There also may be a clause in his contract that will allow him to pick his replacement if he does quit.  Hell, there could be a clause in his will too. If that is the case the Jo Pa will pick his son as the new head coach.  Urban will not be the next head coach at Penn State because they will not pay the money for a high end coach.

The feeling seems to not to  look  past Duke, and on to FSU next week.   Duke gave Va Tech fits last week and seems to have hung in a few games this year.  Miami needs to blow them out, and by over 20 points.  They need to get the team focused again.  Then worry about FSU on Sunday.

I will have a preview tomorrow morning.

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