Post UVa loss, and the problems with the team

It’s been a few days since Miami lost to UVa at home.  I have read and heard a lot of different reaction about the game.  After the GT victory, I honestly thought that Miami was going to run the table and end up in the Peach Bowl.  Sorry, I still think (and thought on Monday) Va Tech is going to win the Coastal division and beat Clemson in the ACC title game.  It was not realistic to think Miami was going to go to the ACC title game.  Between have a new staff coming in and putting in a new system, the suspensions, and change the thinking of the players; it was too much to ask.  The best bowl I think Miami could get is the Champs Sports bowl.  If Miami decides not to forfeit any bowl opportunity.

The problem with Miami is the defense, not that the offence is perfect either.  Miami does not have enough talent of defense to stop a team that can run and pass.  GT is a running team so they put 8 in the box, and made sure every runner got hit on every play.  Kansas State, Maryland (when they started out against Miami), Va Tech, and UVa had balanced offences.  Miami got burned by the big plays and on 3rd down.  Miami has Spence and Ray-Ray as the only returning starters making an impact.  Miami has been forced to play their entire incoming freshman to fill the holes.  They have been playing as well as they can with the situation.  Miami corners on outside linebackers have been a disaster.  They can’t stop the run or the quick screen.  It cost Miami the game late in the 3rd quarter.

The offence has issues with the running game all of a sudden.  Miller seems to be banged up, and Golden wants him to hit the hole faster.  James, who also has been hurt, is not able to get the short yardage on 3rd down.  I expect Clements to get more carries against Duke.  Jacory had a good game again, and Streeter looks like the player we all hoped he would be.  Jacory is not Vinny or Dorsey, but who is?  Jacory is just Jacory and as long as he keeps the interceptions down, it will be a good year from him.  The tight ends need to become a force toward the home stretch of the schedule.  They also need to block better.  An example of that was on the 4 and short near the red zone.

Miami is improving on special teams.  Benjamin kept Miami in the game against UVa.  The punting team has vastly improved since the UNC game.

The biggest game for Miami the rest of the year is FSU in two weeks.  They need to win this game to continue the growth of the program.  Many of this year’s seniors remember the embarrassing loss last where the team looked like it quit.  Also, part of that was because the old coaching staff did not prepare them for the game.  They should have no problem against Duke or BC.  The USF game will be another blog report.




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