GT @ Miami

Well I am going to make this a short blog, because I am getting ready to catch a flight.  The bottom line of this game is who runs the ball the best.  If GT’s running game takes off early and fast, it will be difficult for Miami to stay in this game.  GT has the same issue; they have not been able to stop the run since the Maryland game.  A GT loss again Miami, and their season could crash and burn and Johnson may be out of a job.  GT’s defensive coordinator Al Groh was getting hammered on the UVa boards last week after UVa victory.  The UVa fans seem to be happy that he is gone.  To be fair, GT defense has been going downhill since Johnson lost most of the talent from the old GT staff.  When GT lost to Air Force, a red flag was raised.  If GT is supposed to be the master of the option, you would figure they would know how to stop it.

Miami needs to play run control offence and take the pressure off Harris.  In turn, Harris will make the big 3rd down plays and the long passes a huge weapon against GT.  Golden took the offence line to task last week for the running game.  I look for Miller to get close to 200 yards this Saturday, and Henderson to be opening big holes.  The punting must be better this week.  I’m not sure who will be the punter, but they need to pin GT deep on their side of the field. Can someone please step and help Benjamin out on punt returns and kickoff returns!!

Chickillo is going major key to stop the run.  He forced to play early this year because of the number of defensive players suspended this year.  He has played well for being a true freshman.  Again like last week, Spence needs to make the key reads to stop the triple option.  Miami cannot allow Washington to get into a rhythm and make large plays like KSU’s quarterback.  Golden knows Johnson offense when he coached against Navy.  At Miami he had the speed to compete against it.

I still think Miami is going to run the table.  Miami 32        GT 21

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