a look ahead to the Georgia Tech game and a few other things

Being a transplant from Florida, The Georgia Tech game holds a little special meaning to me.  Through my off and on 17 years of living in the state of Georgia, I have made a few Georgia Tech friends.  When Miami announced it was moving to the ACC, I was thrilled knowing I was going to be able to see Miami play in Atlanta every other year.  Some years have been fun, like last year.  Other years like 2009 where my new wife and I nearly froze to death watching the game from the stands as the bees ran up and down Shannon’s team.  I left that night know the Shannon hire was a mistake, and it was only going to get worse.

Now that Al Golden is making this team a winner, I am starting to feel like some special is about to happen.  I was a little surprised Miami was a three point favorite in Vegas.  This only means the betters are starting to believe in Miami again or they see problems with Georgia Tech after the UVa loss.

Golden is not sitting back and enjoying the last win against UNC.  He is still working and making changes with the depth chart, and pressing players to play better.  It may be coaches speak, but right after they won last week he started talking about getting ready for the next game.  He does not want another let down like the Kansas State game.

In closing I want to comment on the NCAA investigation.  Reports in the Miami Herald this past Sunday, say the NCAA ruling will much softer then first reported.   Former players are not talking to the NCAA, and the bankruptcy judge can’t go after people for drinks and meals.  I think the punishment will be 10 or fewer scholarships lost, and Miami will give up a bowl bid this year.

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