Looking at the UNC game and other things

Looking ahead to the North Carolina game this week, coach Al Golden has stated all the players that were hurt on defense will be back this week.  Miami will still be missing Marcus Forston and Ramon Buchanan who are out for the season. Miami is going to need to tighten up in the ends, and stop the bubble screen that has hurt Miami since the Maryland game.  After having Nix as OC a few years ago, I would figure they would know how to defend it.  UNC’s QB Renner is not as good a rusher as the last few QBs Miami has faced.  They must not allow Renner on 3rd down plays to pick up the first down or score in the red zone. It has killed Miami especially against Kansas State and Va Tech.

I do see improvements with the team even with the losses.  They are better conditioned and they are starting to get a winning mentality, which they have not had since 2004.   Al Golden is correct that this is a process that will take a little time.  Listening to WQAM since the season began the fans are also starting to get it.  Even thought I don’t think the WQAM post game show does.  The talent is not there on this team or is in the process of being developed.  I was the biggest Jacory basher for the last several games.  It’s amazing the progress he has made with the new OC.  I wonder what he would have done if he had this kind of coaching from the beginning.

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